Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Stuff I enjoyed in 2006 (and my 1st music post)

Yup. I think my next few posts are going to be about things I liked in the past year; music, books, blogs, movies, gadgets, videogames, etc.

Music - I'm not going to do a top10 of 2006 (check here for a long list of those) but i'm going to mention artists and albums that I think were overlooked, or that I think really set themselves apart.

The first one I'd like to mention is "Technology Won't Save Us" by the band Sophia. Sophia really is Robin Proper-Sheppard, an american expat living in London and an artist I've enjoyed since the shoegazey-loud days of The God Machine. The first 2 Sophia albums were dark, sparse, beautifully depressive folk recordings, but his sound has evolved into a more straight forward indie-rock. Very melodic, very intense, maybe a wee bit over-produced.

Here's a song from the album : Lost (She Believed in Angels)
This is my first time posting music on a blog... hope it works...