Thursday, September 27, 2007

Slip me a little Tungle (and flirt with the DEMOgods)

It would be easy to explain the fact that Tungle yesterday were named DEMOgods at the DEMOfall conference by Marc's natural good looks and contagious charisma, or by Jacou's infectious smile and lightning-quick demo clicking...

But I'd rather believe that the crowd were convinced by the innovation and functionality of a technology they feel will make their professional (and personal) lives a bit easier, and help solve the problem of wasted time and effort trying to coordinate meetings.

Congratulations to the whole team !

Check it out for yourselves (6 min. demo). The free Outlook plug-in and Tungle Spaces (web service) will launch as soon as some minor bugs are ironed out, with Google Calendar, iCal, and Lotus Notes integration coming soon, as well as some very reasonably priced premium features.

By the way, the Tungle Blog is also quite worthy of your attention and RSS aggregation. Good stuff. Exciting times.